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When creating trail mockups, you’re stuck with a tedious data dense workflow. Not surprisingly simulating a digital clinical trial process to represent different patient conditions, can take a ton of extra work.
You have to go deep on the data with SQL, Python, and other Machine Learning libraries to perform complex analyses and uncover powerful insights.

With Our Options
Spend less time waiting for the results, iterate and see changes with a fast and agile analytics platform that evolves with your trial workflow.
Get up and running in less than an hour, deliver value immediately without the need to learn a new proprietary machine learning language or perform any upfront modeling.

** Future Options**
Enhance your reach and find discoveries and insights faster by optimizing trial workflow
Ability to work with partners around the world, blending knowledge and expertise while building new cohorts and models faster.Faster trial deployment and patient recruitment options.


InSilico Clinical Trials

Acrescend mission is to improve clinical trials to cure disease rather than treat symptoms.Acrescend's Nuvanitic is a flexible, powerful, self-service data analytics environment enabling clinical trial workflow management.


Nuvanitic makes use of automated data audit logging, providing an audit trail for all data changes in support of regulatory compliance.


The Nuvanitic application is hosted on a cloud server infrastructure managed by a world-class hosting provider.


We have designed and developed Nuvanitic with the ability to perform Dynamic Data Exploration.


Acrescend uses virtual populations, AI and biomodelling as the primary tool to help your clinical research.


Our focus is to unlock healthcare data and help you explore all the information in a comprehensive and powerful manner.


We verify as well as validate patient data using virtual solutions.


User Benefits

Indexing from fragmented sources of healthcare using adaptive designUser friendly designImproving patient survival predictions.



Authenticated Data Access – All access to Nuvanitic data is via a secure OData Web API layer that is compliant with the OAuth security protocol.Encrypted data – The Nuvanitic application is only accessed via a secure protocol, so data transmitted between the Nuvanitic database and the browser is encrypted via the SSL security protocol.The Nuvanitic application is hosted on a cloud server infrastructure managed by a world-class hosting provider.


Innovative team

Working in close collaboration with the leading research institutions and hospitals, we are developing the future of disease management.

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